Home Sponsored Drift King To Nigerians: We Will Survive This Situation, We always Do

Drift King To Nigerians: We Will Survive This Situation, We always Do

nigerians will survive

Top Nigerian Blogger Drift King To Nigerians On The Current Situation.

Its Not New to Every one in Nigeria and the world at large That the most populous black country in the world and the 10th most populated nation in the world Is going through a very rough time. with depicted hunger and Poverty in certain parts of the country.

ranging from issues like the change in dollar , oil price maranthon , unpaid salaries of workers over 6 months , illegal sacks of workers in some states , un-utilized use of funds , spending on un-necessary Materials, etc

Our No 1 Citizens seems to be only interested in Tourism And visitations to other developed countries.

People die every day due to hunger , 70% of them being pensioners who are being owed for months. but why? . a land God blessed with milk And honey , enriched with goodies and blessed beyond curse.

why would people let their fellow Human beings suffer suffer just because we voted them with our whole mind , and because we believe the can do what we need them to do. yes we believe the situation of the economy is ugly but why make it more uglier and  adhesive for us.

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Just today in owerri the capital of Imo state , Workers shut down the government house , yesterday Their was A strike By the EEDC ( A company in charge of electricity in nigeria)… its worse in owerri and They kind Of need help here.

It seems the sufferings of people are being overshadowed, Nobody cares , The ones Who claims to care are just like the rest.

the situation is so deep that even those who seems to be our talking tom , have decided to keep shut their mouths , or have the been bought by MONEY?.
Seems there is a limit to freedom of speech , because people who flare up on the Government in advising them to do the right thing either end up getting arrested , tackled , criminalized or Guiltified of an offence he/ she didnt commit.

People are Removed from their jobs every day.
Those working Are not even payed half of what the worked for.
Many Parastatals have been conceeded.
people no more have the money to treat themselves in the hospital , pay house rents , and other public issues that involves money. While a governor Of a state in nigeria bought a christmas tree for 600 million on xmas, while he was owing civil servants for months , he even went to the extent of Giving them threats that the would be sacked which he did ,where close to 4000 workers were sacked, and is still sacking. After xmas was over, the so called tree was brought down just like that , and that is 600 million for you.

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with all this sacks tell me , A Parent who has children in the universities , what is their hope of finance.
Two governors came out to tell the state that , the state is broke……Who broke it?

All we got to do is pray for them , pray for the country , pray for God to invest in Nigeria the change our recent leaders promised us durning their campaigns , Pray for God To provide to those who were sacked for no just reason a way of survival , and to those who have died Because of this ,Especially pensioners who couldnt provide their hospital bills….We pray for the repose of their souls…

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we will survive this its not our first to encounter this type of  situation , we’ve seen worse ones , and we overcame them , so what is this compared to them? Its just that we thought it would be better in this regime , for now its not….But let hope for A grace Ahead.

we Will survive this, we always do.
Drift to you

God bless you
God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.
Peace & Unity.

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