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Why Have You Given Up On God?


Good evening readers,
You are reading this post, Good.
That means you are alive and breating..
Somebody made you so, but you heard of someone you know who didn’t make it to 2016. You are not better than him or her…THAt means someone up there is watching over you,your every move,relieving you from imminent danger, and above all hasn’t given up on you.
What would you do if your father disowns you, and how do you feel?
What would you do when your 16yr old son tells you that as from today you are no father of his? The feeling is disastrous i say.
GOD will never leave you no matter you sins,
he will never erase you from his memories no matter your atrocities,
he is ever loving and ever forgiving no matter how big your sin is.
HOW dare you give up on God just because he didn’t give you the opportunities you asked for?

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How dare you give up on someone who didn’t give up on you,even when 2015 was greasy

How dare you give up on him because you believe your sins are big and you may not stand a forgiving chance from God, LIE.
You’ve given up on him, then what?
You then leave your life like he doesnt exist,
or you squish you entities into juvenile deliquents acts and at the end you face him in heaven, Doesnt sound Good.
Never give up ön him even in a native doctor shrine.
Never give up on him even when taking your last breath
Never give up on him even when you think You cant stand a chance with him.
GOD will always take you back no matter what you did, as long as you are remorseful.
GOD will hear you out as long as you are ready to talk to him.
Always feel free to talk to him ,its like a father to son discussion.
You know your father will never give up on you,even if he does, it will go hard on him.
.so tell him
C,mon tell him that problem,and see his mercies around you.
.by HIM i mean the creator
by him i mean the being who would always forgive you.
BY HIM i mean the father who would never give up on his children.
By him i Mean GOD.
Never give up on God
.its never late with him.

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have a great sunday


  1. It’s not me that has given up on God, it is God who has given up on me. I have prayed, begged pleaded and cried for God to stop my enemies mocking me, to take me out of this world where no one will dare even look at me, even less speak to me, I got the worst of everything, and I’m expected to go to Church and praise God, jumping up and down like an idiot singing “Halleluja!” I don’t think so. I now have enough evidence to prove God hates me.

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