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WIKIPEDIA (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 128)


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  1. I love this video and all but Wikipedia does not always have reliable information. Anybody can add their own words/sentences to Wikipedia and anyone can put in information in Wikipedia, that is why it's not always reliable

  2. But there is something about Wikipedia. People can add fake things on Wikipedia. For example. If You type in Hawaii, and it says “Hawaii is an American State”, somebody could change it and say, “Hawaii is not part of America”, which isn’t true. So you have to be Careful with Wikipedia!

  3. MarkAngelComedy – I have nothing against using wikipedia on the net but for students,I still strongly recommend to use books ? for doing research.But I love watching your comedies guys over and over❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????

  4. Any programmers getting the "smh" feeling, because she used googled to search wikipedia which is indexed in google, and possible, because she used google?


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